Falafel Deluxe Burger £10.50, Giraffe South Bank, London

What makes the perfect Veggie Burger?

What makes the perfect veggie burger? In order to provide a review I need to define my standards.

  • The bun: toasted, preferably warm, good bread to filling ratio.
  • The salad: must have salad
  • The sauce: not overwhelming in flavour nor amount, shouldn’t make the burger slide when bitten into.
  • The cheese: ideally should have cheese. I won’t order blue cheese.
  • The patty or burger: various options here for the veggie burger, needs to be something worth biting into!
  • The fries: I consider the fries an integral part of the burger. Fries not chips. Thin not chunky. Hot (heat not flavour).
  • The presentation: does eating off a plank make a burger taste better?


All quite simple really!



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